In the footsteps of Edvard Munch in Løten

Edvard Munch was born at Engelaug Østre farm in Løten on 12 December 1863. When Edvard was only 10 months old, the family moved to Oslo. They nonetheless stayed closely in touch with their friends at Engelaug farm. In later life, Munch visited Løten and Engelaug on many occasions, and the time he spent in the area would provide inspiration for subsequent works.

We will follow in the footsteps of Edvard Munch driving from Oslo to the Munch Centre in Løten.  The museum is located at Klevfos Industrial Museum at Ådalsbruk and neighbours Munch’s birthplace. After a coffee-brake and a short visit of the authentic Klevfos Cellulose & Paper Mill from 1888, we will have a guided tour at the Munch Centre. We will end our visit at The Edvard Munch Kunstverksted and its printmaking workshop where we can make our own Munch print.

After our stay at Klevfos we are heading to the charming Løten Railway station where the owner will serve us a specially composed Munch menue for lunch.


After lunch we are heading to Munch’s birthplace, Engelaug Østre farm, where we will have a short photo stop. We continue to the oldest farmhouse in Løten, By, where the Munch family had their first home in Løten, and where their first child, Sophie, was born. After a photo stop at By, we return to Oslo.

This day trip lasts from 08:30 to 16:00 o’clock. Price: NOK 1,560 per person. The tour includes very comfortable transportation by bus Oslo – Løten – Oslo,  a coffee-brake with local pastry, entrance to the Klevfos Industrial Museum, entrance to the Munch Centre including 1 hour guided tour, printmaking at the workshop, and a two course lunch at Løten Railway station.

These tours are available by pre-booking for 20 people. The price will be adjusted for smaller or larger groups than 20 people, and for shorter tours.

For more information please contact Tour Leader Silvia C. Leine at Northway AS
+ 47 45 60 37 56