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Thank you very much for a well-planned and completed trip to Åsgårdstrand. It was instructive to hear you tell about Munch, the anecdotes and glimpses of his life. I fell for the movie! It was a great experience, good food and a nice atmosphere, June 2019

« The 18th Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo 2018 offered legends of Norwegian black metal bands as well as cultural excursions. For the first time, festival participants could enjoy a guided tour to the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch's sites in Oslo. Black metal fans are a cultural bunch of people, not only interested in metal bands like Satyricon and Napalm Death. Proof was the about 20 participants joining the guided tour offered by Northway - unique tours of Norway.

One of the guests from Norway had never been to the National Gallery in Oslo before. Now he could learn from Edvard Munch specialist and co-owner of Northway, Silvia Leine, about Munch's life and art in the Edvard Munch room, containing world famous paintings like the Scream, Madonna and Girls on the Bridge.

Northway is a Norwegian travel agency, specializing in small tailor made guided tours (maximum 20 people). Its task is to organize memorable travel experiences for private travelers as well as businesses. The tours are tailor-made according to requirements. A representative from Northway will gladly accompany during the entire tours to ensure quality assurance.

"The huge interest in Edvard Munch's art during later years has enticed us to cooperate with some of the foremost specialists on the artist," says Silvia Leine, looking forward to the opening of the new Edvard Munch museum in Oslo in 2020 »

«Thank you so much for a fantastic educational trip to Åsgårdstrand! It was interesting to know more about the man Munch - he was not at all like I thought. And then the strong movie with the beautiful Hanna, it was an incredible story. You've really done good research and put yourself into things, Silvia. This is a great concept! Lovely and delicately prepared food it was too! I'm glad I chose to join the trip »

«A very inspiring trip to Oslo and a great day. Thanks to Silvia, who is a great communicator with a genuine interest in Munch - as a person and artist »


«A brilliant maiden voyage 'In Edvard Munch's footsteps' which I was so lucky to participate in today. Bus with pleasant Tom behind the wheel and sweet Merethe by their side, they made sure that the trip to Åsgårdstrand went safely. Silvia who founded the trip and the concept was brilliant, professional and impressively well prepared. From a cozy start at Munch's cafe with delicious 'crab clocks' we were guided in Munch's footsteps with a local guide down to the 'bridge' and on to his home which was a very nice experience and close to his life before we ended the visit wandering in Munch gate with the aforementioned good guide.
Dal Gjestegård provided a very tasty lunch where local ingredients were put in focus in an excellent way. Back in Oslo, we were guided around Freia Chokoladefabrik with Munch's 12 pictures called 'Freiafrisen' before the day ended at the Munch Museum. This was just an amazing day, Silvia and the weather gods were there too! I 'cheer' on you further and highly recommend the trip. Thank you!"


«In Edvard Munch's footsteps-Oslo«: Nice opening in the morning with huge croissants and coffee at United Bakeries in the Palace, and nice information about today's trip. Very skilled guide guided us through the Munch Hall in the National Gallery, and then a nice lunch at Karlsborg Spiseforretning in Ekebergparken. Everything was arranged for a nice and interesting trip, where Silvia always showed that she knew her Munch - it all went smoothly! "


"A great walk in Munch's footsteps with highlights from his art"


"The scheme was successful and the tour guide was full of heights in small and large"


«Silvia C Leine is passionate about art, and especially Edvard Munch. She arranges art experiences with Munch as the main character. Her company Northway AS arranges exclusive hiking experiences. Today I went on a trip here in Oslo. We started at Grand Café, and continued to Munch's childhood home in Pilestredet. We had a fantastic and exciting tour of the National Gallery in the Munch Hall. The trip in the cold but sunny Oslo continued to Ekebergåsen with lunch with a view of the whole of Oslo. Here we got the story of SCREAM, and we heard about the new Munch Museum. Silvia has many years in the industry, and is a unique communicator »

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