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In the footsteps of Edvard Munch - Åsgårdstrand and Kragerø

“Come, let's go and look at my pictures. - There you can see, they are all here. Only the people change a little “. Of all the places where Edvard Munch has lived and worked, it is in Åsgårdstrand that he has left the clearest traces. It was in the summer of 1889 that Munch first settled here. With Åsgårdstrand, the landscape enters as a living part of his art.

After an hour's bus ride, we arrive at Munch's Café in Åsgårdstrand. Here we take a break with coffee and "krabbelure" - Munch’s favorite pastry. We follow in Munch's footsteps and get to experience the places he painted “The Girls on the Bridge”, “Four Girls in Åsgårdstrand”, “Inger on the Beach”, “The Dance of Life”, “Melancholy”. Then we visit Munch's House, his first home of his own, and also the only preserved, intact home of the world artist.

We have lunch at the Grand Hotel, with a beautiful view of the fjord and towards Munch's motif in "The Girls on the Bridge". During the dessert we get to see «The Girl from Nordland», a 30 minute movie about Edvard Munch's latest model. After lunch, the bus takes us to Kragerø.

Edvard Munch lived at Skrubben in Kragerø from 1909 to 1915. Here he experienced one of his most creative periods. He was inspired by the surrounding  people and nature to create, among other things, the main works “The Sun” and “History”.

We follow in Munch's footsteps and get a guided tour to Munch's most important Kragerø motifs - and to the places where he painted his famous pictures. The walk goes through areas and streets that you do not usually visit, and to the painter's home at Skrubben where he painted “The Sun”. The hike goes up to the heaths behind the town, where Munch painted “The Yellow Log”. We end the walk at the last Munch point and have a nice dinner at the restaurant nearby. After dinner, the bus takes us back to Oslo.

This day trip lasts from 08:30 to 20:30 o’clock. Price: NOK 1,990 per person. The tour includes very comfortable transportation by bus Oslo – Åsgårdstrand – Kragerø – Oslo. In Åsgårdstrand is included, a coffee break with pastry, one and a half hour guided walk in the village and Munch’s House, lunch at Grand Hotel including the movie «The Girl from Nordland». In Kragerø is included a two hours guided tour, and dinner at the restaurant Admiralen.

These tours are available by pre-booking for 20 people. The price will be adjusted for smaller or larger groups than 20 people.


For more information please contact Tour Leader Silvia C. Leine at Northway AS

+ 47 45 60 37 56

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